Platypus game

The people behind the project

François-Gilles Ricard, aka "FGR"
Gamer, Graphic designer, project director, passion is his job. He is in charge, he designs, he comments, he brings the project to life. If it's done right, it's his fault!
Maxence Vaché, aka "yes, but ..."
Ludopathe, playful craftsman, 4-length hair cutter. The Great Race is his idea, he balances, he groans, he criticizes, he imposes and a few lashes later everything works as it should, or not.
François Launay aka "El Illustrator"
Graphic designer, illustrator, designer, roaster (he needs a lot of coffee to do his 36 hours of illustration per day). He has the talent to put our little things in image. Always late or almost, but surely because beauty knows how to wait and that we are each time impatient to see her new works.

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