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Platypus Game is now offering our brand new retail pledge option for the AIR POSTAL Kickstarter campaign.

Starting with the launch of the AIR POSTAL Kickstarter campaign on November 29, 2022 at 8:00 PM (7:00 PM GMT) and while supplies last, retailers will be able to pledge for the packs:

  • ROOKIE - Core Box = 26,50€

  • CAPTAIN - Core-Box + Extension "Ad Austral" = 37,50€

  • ALL-IN - Core-Box + Extension "Ad Austral" + Companion Book = 44,50€

  • COMPANION BOOK only = 10€

 The minimum number of pledges purchased by a single retailer is ten (10), while the maximum is fifty (50).

Please read the following information as some requirements may have changed from previous details regarding retail pledges:

Only retailers with a SIRET number are eligible for the Retail Pledge.
We strive to deliver pledges at approximately the same time as other contributors. Production and shipping delays may affect this time frame.
Any order over 16 boxes that can be palletized and shipped by freight carriers will be charged one hundred percent (100%) to the retailer. 
Any order over 30 boxes will be charged free shipping.

Please see our Kickstarter page for more details on pledges. Use the email address to contact us with your needs. Please do not pledge directly on the Kickstarter page itself as we will contact you shortly after the Kickstarter campaign ends to finalize your order.



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